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Cleaning Chandeliers

In cleaning chandeliers, we do not use any chemical nor spray the fixture. We only use water and regular dish-washing detergent if necessary. After removing crystals, we hand wash, dry and hand polish crystals, do all necessary adjustments, clean the frame and while workers have gloves on, the chandelier will be redressed with its crystals. As a result, the chandelier will look as clean or even cleaner than when it was new. Spraying chandeliers with chemicals or even water, not just do not clean, but rusts and damage the finish and the interior of the fixture.

Only for beaded crystal chain chandeliers that cutting the crystal bead strings is not economically wise, after opening the drains, we pressure wash and forced air-dry the fixture and then polish them. We specialize in the cleaning and restoration of crystal chandeliers, sconces, lamps, candles, and lanterns. We can clean your crystal chandeliers on site without disturbing you or take it to our facility (if that is what you want), clean, return and reinstall it. Alternatively, you may also arrange to ship your lighting fixtures to us for cleaning, repair, or other services.

Cleaning crystal chandeliers can be time consuming and intimidating, but the shiny results is worth the time and effort. If you do not have the time or patience, we will be glad to do it and you enjoy the result.

The following photos are chandeliers at historic US Grant Hotel in San Diego, California, USA. We uninstalled, refurbished, cleaned and reinstalled them in 2005

Cleaning Chandelier Left

Cleaning Chandelier Right

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